Let us help you find your “why”!!!

IMG_0026.JPG  Our Purpose

The purpose of obcDANCEARTS is to aid young people in obtaining a level of poise, confidence, and camaraderie to be utilized in other aspects of life in addition to creating skilled, disciplined, and confident dancers and performers.  The center features a well-trained, experienced, and friendly staff who loves young people and are dedicated to their progress in the dance arts.

IMG_0026.JPG  Our Goals

  • To create skilled, disciplined and confident performers
  • To develop future audiences by instilling an appreciation of dance as an art form
  • To encourage creativity, self-expression, and originality
  • To develop coordination, increase motor skills, and build stamina
  • To instill the importance of teamwork and camaraderie
  • To expand interest in all aspects of the performing arts