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If you would like a full studio experience where you watch our production on your Smart TV, search “The Virtual Vibe Live 2020” on YouTube.

After 2.5 months of being forced to closed due to COVID…we were determined to bring a proper end to such a unique dance season and give our grads the send off they deserved!!! Our dancers maintained technique and conditioning through Zoom classes and headed back into the studio as soon as the restrictions were lifted. Under strict guidelines, we had 2 weeks of rehearsals followed by 2 weeks of videos sessions. It may not be the ambitious Spring Productions we had been planning for since September…but our Virtual Recital is so much more!!! I am thankful for the opportunity for our dancers to experience working with video on location and in front of a green screen and I am amazed by the growth in talent and creativity of our Production staff. Through challenges comes growth as necessity sparks innovation!! The OBCDA/FIRM Virtual Recital encompasses it all!!! After a much deserved Premiere show for our Virtual Dancers on July 17, the Zebulon will be offering a Public showing on Saturday July 18 and a link will be dropped for everyone to watch LIVE in the comfort of their own home on Sunday July 19th at 7pm!! Our dancers, production staff, and parents deserve a “Standing Ovation” for overcoming these unprecedented circumstances and working together to produce such a special and unique work of art!! Prepare to be amazed by our sweet little studio!! #ActII #VirtualVibe2020#conronacantstopus 

IMG_0026.JPG  Our Purpose

The purpose of Dance Arts is to aid young people in obtaining a level of poise, confidence, and camaraderie to be utilized in other aspects of life in addition to creating skilled, disciplined, and confident dancers and performers.  The center features a well-trained, experienced, and friendly staff who loves young people and are dedicated to their progress in the dance arts.

IMG_0026.JPG  Our Goals

  • To create skilled, disciplined and confident performers
  • To
    develop future audiences by instilling an appreciation of dance as an art form
  • To encourage creativity, self-expression, and originality
  • To develop coordination, increase motor skills, and build stamina
  • To instill the importance of teamwork and camaraderie
  • To expand interest in all aspects of the performing arts