2022-2023 Tuition

IMPORTANT: Tuition is based on a full year’s program, 10 months – September through June, which averages 4 weeks per month/36-38 classes per season. Classes are weekly but tuition is figured monthly. Lessons may not be paid by the individual class and no deductions from tuition for missed classes.  However, arrangements may be made for missed classes if necessary.  

2022-2023 Monthly Tuition Rates

Hours Per WeekTuition Per Month
45 mins$55.00
1.00 hours$65.00
1.15 hours$75.00
1.45 hours$95.00
2.00 hours$105.00
2.15 hours$115.00
2.30 hours$125.00
2.45 hours$135.00
3.00 hours$145.00
3.15 hours$155.00
3.30 hours$165.00
3.45 hours$175.00
4.00 hours$185.00
4.15 hours$195.00
4.30 hours$205.00
4.45+ hours$215.00

*25% off 2nd Child’s Tuition
*Family Cap for 2 Children: $300/mth
*Family Cap for 3 Children: $350/mth

Tuition is charged on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 10thof each month.  On the 11thof each month, a $20 Late Fee will be charged and an invoice issued to those failing to make tuition payments by the due date. No account it to carry an outstanding balance over 45 days.

PLEASE NOTE:  Tuition is non-refundable.  If a student chooses to discontinue classes, the parent MUST notify the office with his/her intentions by phone, email, or in writing.  A student may not drop out of classes for a month or so and return without payments.  The student/parent is responsible for payment of tuition for classes missed until the studio is notified of withdrawal.

Make checks payable to OBCDA or obcDANCEARTS. 

There is a Return Check Fee of $25.00.