The FIRM Requirements & Expectations



  • To further the dancers technique, knowledge and proficiency in dance.
  • To broaden the dancer’s competition and performance experience.
  • To unite dancers from South Georgia and North Forida who demand higher attributes out of their dance education while instilling the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.


  • To dedicate themselves to their dance training and to The F.I.R.M. Dance Company, its Director, and its Members as well as Company Parents & Prop Pops.
  • To instill an appreciation for dance in other dancers inside and outside of the company.
  • To set standards for other dancers to follow and to represent this company in a respectable and admirable manner. Our member motto is “Lead By Example” and this should be practiced inside and outside of the studio.


  • Total commitment to the F.I.R.M. Dance Company, its Director, and its Members.
  • To attend company classes, rehearsals, competitions and conventions, performances, and functions faithfully.
  • To attend all company classes and rehearsals per week throughout the dance year. Company schedule will include approximately 2 days per week and 2 Saturdays per month.
  • To attend at least one full week of Summer Workshops and/or BTS Intensives and to attend scheduled Choreography sessions.
  • To maintain an acceptable grade point average throughout the 2021-2022 school year.
  • To acquire all necessary apparel, shoes, etc. required for company members.
  •  To pay monthly tuition to the studio by the due date. Outstanding balances may result in eligibility to participate in competitions and performances.

General FIRM Information

  1. All company members are required to pay an initiation fee to the FIRM Booster Club immediately after acceptance into the 2021-2022 Company. This initiation fee in non-refundable and MUST be paid in full by September 30. Any member that has not paid their initiation fee by the specified due date will be removed from the company.

    The Initiation Fee breakdown is as follows:
    $175.00 (M Co level)
    $200.00 (Diamond, F Co, I Co, & R Co levels)
  2. All company members are required to attend scheduled choreography/audition sessions to set choreography for the season. A specific date and time schedule will be released at a later date. Fees will be charged for Guest Choreographers and must be paid prior to choreography session to participate. Dancers must be present for the choreography session they are cast in to remain in that piece. If a dancer is unable to attend a choreography session, he or she may be removed or replaced. Choreography fees usually range $35-$50 per dancer per dance and may be more depending on number of participants and/or choreographer. Choreography fees for Solos, Duets and Trios will vary depending on choreographer.
  3. A schedule of Regional Competitions as well as additional performances will be discussed at the first company meeting. The Diamond, F, and I Companies will attend one Convention/Competition in the Fall. (Optional for R & M Companies). The 2021-2022 Full Company will participate in 2-3 regional competitions between January and May. Grasshoppers will attend 1-2 regionals. A Nationals will be discussed at the Parent Meeting and may be scheduled to end our FIRM season.
  4. A list of required apparel, shoes and accessories will be available at the first meeting.

Please review tution under “Registration” link.

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